Available Biblical Art
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Prophetic Art
Bride of Christ Series
7-Fold Spirit
of the Lord - Series
Desert Time
Temptation of Eve
Other Works

Drawings / Pastels

Wildlife / Animals
Flowers and Fruit
Kitchen Art
Greeting Cards / paper and canvas

Following Him into the Desert
(Ref 10/17)

It Shall Sprout I
(Ref 18/16)

It shall Sprout II
(Ref 19/16)

Our Protector
(Ref 8/17)

On Eagles Wings
(Ref 12/17

Highway of Holiness
(Ref 7/17)

The HIGH Priestly Prayer
(Ref 14/17)
Bloom in the Desert I
(Ref 26/16)

Bloom in the Desert II
(Ref 20/16)

Bloom where you are planted II
(Ref 30/16)
Ilse Kleyn, Light of this World
Light of this World
(Ref 16/12)
Watching over you
Watching Over You
(Ref 4/16)
He Who Overcame
(Ref 1/17)

Bloom where you are planted I
(Ref 27/16)

A Way in the wilderness
(Ref 31/16)

Beauty in the Desert
(Ref 32/16)

Instrument of Worship
(Ref 5/17
By the Breath of God
By the Breath of God
(Ref 10/14)
Shama - Key to Kingdom Life
(Ref 2/16)
Rebecca by Ilse Kleyn
(Ref 9/13)
Crown of Royalty
Crown of Royalty
(Ref 3/16)
Reforge the Sword by Ilse KLeyn
Reforge the Sword
(Ref 17/13)
Warrior by Ilse Kleyn
(Ref 14/13)
Sword of the Spirit
(Ref 2/17)
Cleansed by the Word
(Ref 8/14)
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For God so Loved the World

(Ref 30/11)
click on photo for detail, size and price
White Flower
Ref 66/10
Crown of Transformation
Crown of Transformation
(Ref 1/16)
click on photo for detail, size and price
Light My Candle
(Ref 14/12)
Hands by Ilse KleynPraying Hands I
(Ref 30/12)

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